BPU007-BPU008 - Red Paw Print Pet Urn

This urn is hand cast in brass with a beautiful blue finish and gold paw print design the ashes are loaded through the top of the urn which is secured by a threaded lid and is available in two different sizes, depending on the weight of your pet before cremation.

BPU007 - H-7.5cm x W-10cm - Up to 10kg before cremation
BPU008 - H-10cm x W-11.5cm - Up to 19kg before cremation
BPU009 - H-12.5cm x W-14cm - Up to 32kg before cremation

This urn can be personalised with the addition of an engraved plaque, which means a name and message of your choice can be expertly engraved and forever left on your urn.

Sizes Available:

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if you would like to personalise your loved ones urn with an engraved plaque, please enter the details in to the box

Total: £10.00